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Mount and Balance Wheels/Tires (see iPhone image email)


Window Tint - Two fronts is $75

4 Dr Sedans up to 7 Windows starting at $189

SUV/Truck Starting at $199


Exterior Vinyl Wrap

FULL VEHICLE Starting at $2,500


Remote Start

With Key starting at $250

With a push start starting at $279

With Manual Transmission +$50


Headlight Tail Light Tint

Starting at $75/Lense


Suspension Install and Adjustment





Leaf Springs


Custom Welding

Call for pricing 



Wheel Painting

Bumper Blends

Dent Removal


Wheel Accessories -



Lug Bolts —> Opens, Acorns, Locks, Ballseat, Conical

Hubcentric Rings

Valve Stems

TPMS Sensors

Draw diagram from link sent



All services are provided in the Chrome Customs Shop only.

All wheel accessories are available for purchase at our Chrome Customs storefront.




Chrome Customs opened in 2005, specializing in aftermarket wheels and tires, lift kits, window tinting, audio, truck accessories, remote starts and more. Chrome Customs also offers professional installation, mounting and balancing and alignments. Our goal is to provide 100% satisfaction to all of our customers by making purchasing and installation as easy as possible.

"Here at Chrome Customs we have the experience and knowledge you need to find the right setup for your vehicle. Call or stop in Today!"

Safety and Products/Service Disclaimer

Chrome Customs and are not responsible for the improper installation or use of any wheels, wheel accessories or specifications on this website matching your vehicle specifications or street specifications. If you have questions about what specifications you should use or wheel fitment call chrome customs at (330) 928-3841. We recommend a professional installer after purchasing any wheels or wheel accessories online or from any shop. Warning, improper or unsafe installation of wheels or wheel accessories can cause harmful injury or even death, install at your own risk. Chrome Customs and are not responsible for improper installation, injury or accidental death caused by "self installation" or "DIY". Chrome Customs and is not responsible for any off-road use only wheels or accessories causing either traffic violations or traffic related accidents, injury or death. Make sure to check your district and state laws regulations to be sure you vehicle is street legal to avoid any potential traffic violations or financial penalties.